Adding a SATB-section into a couple of orchestral parts

I’m currently working on a wind orchestra production where the musicians also are supposed to sing a couple of bars here and there. Now I’m trying to find a way to insert those SATB-sections into the instrumental parts but I can’t really get it to work.
My initial plan was to write all the choir sections in separate flows and then insert them as frames in each part.
This causes two problems:

  1. When, in a flute part, adding e.g. a frame set to Flow 2 and the SATB-player it says TACET, eventhough there is music there. It works fine though adding a frame from another flow when it is from the same player as the actual part.
  2. I don’t know how to remove/hide the bar rests in the player part where they’re not playing, but instead singing. I guess I’ll have to fake it someway, but I haven’t found out how yet.

Wouldn’t it be possible to add a voice to each existing instrumental player? This’ll give you two visible staves in Galley View and you can write the vocal lines in each player’s part. Dorico will automatically switch between the two.

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Either give the Players a “Vocal” instrument to change to; or add an additional Player to their parts, hiding it when not required.

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Thanks @Vaughan_Schlepp , but if I understand you correctly that’ll give me two problems:

  1. The score will be completely messed up with its 48 instruments…
  2. They won’t sit in choir-order, so maybe clarinet 1 will sing bass and clarinet 2 soprano. So everyone needs to have the whole vocal score.

If these vocal Parts are appearing in the Conductor’s Score, and you need the full SATB in every part, then just add those Players to the parts. You can hide those staves where not needed.

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YES, of course, how could I miss that one!
Adding the vocal players in the score to every player layout solves it very elegantly.

Thanks @benwiggy !

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Haha, reading your post again, @benwiggy , this wasn’t your suggestion, but somehow I read it anyway… e.g. make all players layouts contain both the actual player and the SATB-player. No extra players, instrument or staffs and no cluttered score. Best of all possible worlds! :slight_smile:

I read @benwiggy 's comment the way I believe it was meant, which is to add “those Players” to “the parts” (= the layouts).

So you did as he meant it, and it was the correct solution :slight_smile:

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No, you were right the first time.

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Thanks for clearing out my tired and christmas-longing brain, @Estigy . :slight_smile: