Adding a single player layout

I want to add single player layouts that are missing but when I do all players are ticked and it’s a lot of boxes to untick for each one. I surely missed something really simple here (as well <:-) but I can’t find the solution.

It sounds like you’re adding full score layouts, rather than part layouts? Because by default, all players get assigned to full score layouts. Make sure you’re clicking the right button in Setup mode (if you want to enlarge those button pictures, click on them)

There’s also a handy way to restore all part layouts that should be needed, based on the players in the project:

I am clicking the right one and I get an instrumental part layout but every player is in it. I had also tried restoring default layouts but nothing happens.

If I create a new Instrumental Part (with the music stand icon):


it is Empty by default, until I add a Player to it.

A Full Score Layout (with the conductor icon) gets all the instruments by default.

However, if you really are getting all the Players within an Instrumental Part:
Select all the Players on the left hand side, and then un-check the Layout.

Thank you, that works and helps me. The error is not solved though and create default layouts gives me one part layout with every player included so something is definitely wrong.

Was this an XML import? They can behave a bit differently.

It has gone thru various moving around so it might be that. Is there a way to sort of restore a score?

If you attach the project here and let me take a look, I might be able to fix it.

Thanks, that’s very kind of you. I’ll mail it.

Thank you so much Daniel, everything seems fine and I suppose this isn’t anything to worry about:

This thing was taken out of a project with several versions, so whatever happened might happen again later, can I do whatever you did if so?