Adding a single staff in a title page format

This may be very basic…however I cannot find a clear reference. I I have added two pages to the front of my flow. The first page will contain Title and Composer. The second page will contain information items. I Would like to add a single staff of music (music frame) to this second page…Without any reference to my project…And be able to Write in this frame (staff)…without that process affecting any of my project.I am probably missing something and would like your input…Thanks.

Switch to engrave mode and add a music frame to that page, which will be labeled “LA.” Doing so will create a page override.

You will want to write the musical excerpt to a new flow, then assign that flow to the music frame you’ve created. You’ll probably want to do a page override rather than editing the master page, although it depends on a number of factors as to which method is better.

The process is indeed very basic, in that it is easy to accomplish. But it does take time to learn how to music frames work. Once you get it, you’ll really love the flexibility they offer.

Although it does not exactly match your situation this video may be helpful:

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Thank you for the information…so far so good.I did manage to add a new Flow and create a single line music staff with a scale I intend to incorporate.Two things…after importing this into Flow 1(as a single music frame on the instructional page) …am I able to delete Flow 2…Without erasing that material in Flow 1 (Dorico wants to do that…and…it warns you as well)…and can I edit the instrument name from that frame (actually give it no name at all)…and just have that staff (with material) by itself? Again …thanks for the help.
Martin Miles

Assuming your scale is actually a second flow shown in a local frame chain on the first page, yes, you should now go into Engrave mode, and double-click the ‘Default’ master page, then from the ‘Flows’ menu in the top left corner of the music frame, exclude the second flow from the set of flows that appear in the main frame chain. To remove the instrument name from the scale in the local frame at the start of the layout, add a system break at the beginning of the first bar, and then in the Properties panel, set the ‘Staff labels’ property to ‘None’.