Adding a sound track, help please

Hi All
Have been commissioned to write a piece that includes sound bites of seabirds.
I have no clue how to include the audio file in Dorico so that it can fade in and out over the score.
I would appreciate your help and suggestions on how this works
Thank you

Sound files can only be attached to a Dorico file (at present) if they are part of an attached video.

Needless to say, this is something users (and likely the Development Team) would like to change as soon as possible given other restraints. But for now one must attach the sound file to a video in another software program, at which point one can attach the video to Dorico (at least in the Pro version).

Thank you Derrek

Fortunately, I have found some videos with the relevant sounds. I will look up how to attach them

Thanks again

The Unify plugin provides me with one more approach to this use case. There is a brief description here:

Dropping audio files as a track and not having it try and display in the score would absolutely be useful to people. Not a trivial thing to code, but I’m sure many people have use cases.

I managed to sort it by putting Dorico and the sound track through my digital mixer/recording desk and fading in/out the sounds as required.
Would be much easier and convenient ‘in-house’ as it were.
Thank you

You could probably use the dynamics channel of the Key Editor to do much the same thing.