Adding a stave for few bars

Hi there! I have a piano score of 120 bars. In the middle of the score, I need to add another stave on top of the piano staves for an alto voice part of 20 bars duration.
How can I add this 20-bar alto stave for just this section of the score, without interrupting the professional flow of the score?
Any suggestions appreciated.

Sorry this is not possible. If you add a staff in the middle of your work, you will have to redo all your layout adjustments for the whole score. :cry:

Thankyou for responding Maestro.
Are you saying that if I redid all the layout adjustments, I could have the extra staff in the middle of the score?

Of course. Close the Score Editor. Add your new track, reopen the score, then hide the staves or measures you don’t want to appear in specific parts of your score.

(let me know if you need help with the last part of my comment)

Thanks Meastro! I obviously have to study the layer aspect more comprehensively. At least I know what I want to do is possible.
Thanks also for your offer of further assistance…wonderful back-up.

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Thanks Maestro! Your advice enabled me to achieve what I needed to with the score