Adding a synthesizer with only treble clef

I’m new to Dorico and I want to add a synthesizer instrument but express it as “Bass” in the left hand and “Chords” in the right hand. How would I do that? If I add a “Synth Bass” instrument, it gives me a bass clef, but if I add a “Synthesizer” instrument, it gives me both bass and treble clefs. How can I get rid of the bass clef in the Synthesizer instrument? Thanks!

Select something in the synth bass staff at the beginning of the music (a rest will do), then right-click and choose Staff > Remove staff. You should end up with the treble staff only, at least for the rest of the flow.
The single staff will probably retain a brace, which you may not want. In that case, investigate Layout Options > Brackets and braces, there’s a setting for that.

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That works! Thank you!