adding a system text affecting all parts in a score


As you see the example below, Strauss wrote “Nr. 1” as a section number.
Screenshot 2019-01-12 21.48.24.png
How could I insert this text in Dorico?
I inserted Nr. 1 by using “text” under the rehearsal mark in the right panel, but it does not affect all parts in the score.

The text must appear only the top of the system in the score, but on the top of every part.

You want Alt-Shift-X, which yields system text. It appears on the top staff on every layout. You can modify which groups it appears on, in global options.

Thank you! It works.
However, where could I find the global options?

I think it’s layout options, staves and systems perhaps.

Thank you!, but I could not find it. However, I currently do not need to change the default value.

It’s Layout Options—Staves and Systems—System Objects.

Thank you!!