Adding a tempo track

I am trying to find the “add tempo track function” and it does not show in any of the menus. Is this feature disabled in cubase AI? If so, what is the lowest version of cubase 8 that has this function? And if I upgrade, will I be able to resume my projects from cubase AI?


To be honest, I don;t know, if the Tempo Track is missing in Cubase AI. If it’s missing as a dedicated track, you should be able to open it via Project menu. Project > Tempo Track opens the Tempo editor, which is exactly the same, in fact. It’s just placed in the dedicated window.

In the Comparison chart of Cubase derivates, I can’t see any info about the Tempo Track. So I expect, this is part of Cubase Elements. But I’m not sure.

I have Elements 8 installed here- no Tempo Track, it is as Martin says though, there is a dedicated window for the tempo editor.

Elements does not support tempo track. The tempo window is also disabled.


I can open the Tempo Track (Tempo “window”) from the Project menu in Cubase Elements 9.

But you cannot show the Tempo Track, as a track, so it’s not visible in the list of tracks. But the option of the Tempo Track shouldn’t be greyed-out, in the list of tracks. It shouldn’t be in the list at all.