Adding a text frame in page layout that will actually show up on my page (I've searched the forum)

I’ve searched the forum and probably aren’t using the correct terms to search for. I apologize.

I’m trying to add a text frame to the default page (not the first page) in my project so that I can have a title bar and a separate composer frame above the music. I have entered the page editor and have added a text frame where I want it, clicked “apply” then “close” but the new text frame doesn’t appear on my 2nd page (second flow) of the project. After I close the page editor I only see the text frames which were in the original default page layout.
How can I make this new text frame actually show up in my project?
Thanks in advance for any help!

Check for Page Overrides (red triangles on upper right corner in Engrave Mode)

Couple of thoughts –

  • If you want a title/composer heading, is there a reason you’re not making use of automatic flow headings? Which you can create new ones of, customize and apply to individual pages if needed?

  • If you’ve edited a page template, have you definitely applied those changes to both pages in the pair, or at least on the corresponding side to the destination page? Each page template comprises two pages: a left page (used for even-numbered pages) and a right page (used for odd-numbered pages).

  • If this is a new page template, rather than editing the Default page template, have you assigned it to the corresponding page?

Thank you, Craig_F! That’s something I have to check out. I was reading the manual yesterday evening, away from my computer, and noticed that. But it wasn’t clear what that meant so I plan on trying to change that this morning when I start working in Dorico again.

Thank you for those links, Lillie! I have done the L-R and R-L copying so that both pages look the same with the new text frame when I’m in the editor. This is an edit to the Default page template, but it will be nice to learn how to assign a new page template to the corresponding page.
The links you put in your messages are wonderful! Thank you very much!

I’ve solved my problems, thanks to your assistance.

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