Adding a text frame to some layouts

In an opera I’m working on, there’s some text that needs to be added at the beginning of an aria. I’d like to be able to add a text frame at the beginning of that flow but for only two of the layouts: the conductor’s score and the vocal score should have it but the instrumental parts don’t need it. What’s the best way to go about this? I made a new custom Master Page and I could create all the necessary frames manually but it would be really handy if I could simply make a copy of the Default Master Page, including headers, footers, page number frames and music frame with chains, and then simply to edit it. Is this possible? I haven’t found a way to copy frames from one master page to another, either, and if I choose Default for the master page type, I’ll be editing the Default Master Page instead of a copy. I could also create a page override, but then I’d have to do it twice and if the layout changes (which it will), the override, and therefore the text, will be on the wrong page.

When you make a new master page, you have the option to make it “Based on” an existing master page. This duplicates the formatting of the “Based on” master page, but do be aware that a link is retained so if you change the contents of a text frame that exists on both master pages, for example, the contents are updated for both. (e.g. if you changed the token)

Deleting and re-inputting frames breaks that link. If you just want to manipulate maybe the size/position of frames on the page and add new ones, as far as I’m aware that shouldn’t affect the “Based on” page.

In the Score, I used two separate Flow Headings, one with an extra text frame for Scene titles with additional instructions, and one without. The Parts will have their own Flow Heading showing only the Scene title.

Thank you both!
Lillie’s solution will work well, especially since I need the links retained (and I foolishly overlooked the ‘based on’ function).
Ben, that’s a brilliant idea. I need each layout to have the same flow heading with the scene title. The conductor’s score and the vocal score will then need an extra flow heading. Would you do this on a custom master page or would you create a page override just for those two layouts?

I applied a Flow Heading change to the affected page. Here’s the default and the ‘extended’.

The beauty of using Flow Headings is that they can appear at any point in the page (Master pages would have fixed frames); and the text can be in the Flow Info, so it’s all done as tokens in the Heading!
Screenshot 8.png
Screenshot 7.png

I just can’t get this to work. I have a dialog + instructions which has to be visible for singers and conductor (but not instrumentalists) at the beginning of an aria. I made a new flow heading but I can’t fit the text into it because it’s too long and I can’t seem to increase the height of the flow heading. I tried putting the text into the flow heading on the page, creating an override, but I can’t get the music to move down below it so they overlap. Any attempt to move the music frame down moves the flow heading down as well, even if I turn of the top margin constraint. And it’s difficult (if not impossible) to select frames whose margins coincide.

Do you want to send me the project to have a look at?

That’s a nice offer, Ben. I’ll export that particular flow and send the insertion text separately. Thanks!