Adding a Theremin sf2 to Dorico

Hi all,
Brand new Dorico user here.
My instrument (learning) is the Theremin, I can only find Theremin Bells amongst the soundfonts.
How can I add a proper Theremin sf2 that I have to Dorico?
Many thanks :slight_smile:

Welcome to the forum, @a79hsm7f

A web search brought up this link that may interest you.

Thanks, but I have a real Theremin soundfont - just need to know where to put it so I can use it :slight_smile:

If it’s VST3, the player goes in the VST3 folder. If VST2, it goes in that folder and you need to make sure Dorico knows to scan that folder.

Usually a sound font comes with an install program that takes care of that, and then the next time Dorico opens it scans for new VST dll’s.

If you tell us here what who publishes the sound font and what its name is, perhaps someone can give you more specifics.

Ok, the soundfont is published by rkhive on their website and is a sf2 soundfont named Theremin.
I hope that helps.

You need a VST that supports soundfonts. Sforzando from Plogue is free and works with Dorico.

Check here for programs that can open sf2 (not the same as Plogue’s sfz format I think).

Sforzando is quite happy loading sf2 files.

Ok, I’ve downloaded Sforando and installed it ok and put my Theremin sf2 in it.
Now I’ve just got to work out how to get it working properly as an instrument.
Thanks for the help :slight_smile:
If I get stuck, I’ll ask again!