Adding a timeless bar

So I’m writing a piece with two “timeless” recit sections, that is to say, a no-beats-in the bar free time section. This is easy at the beginning: I just wait until the tempo kicks in to add the time signature. My question is how do you go back to this no-signature long bar when you’re halfway through a piece? I tried typing “0/0” and “0” and others into the metre menu to accomplish this to no avail so far.

Type X into the Shift+M popover.

Brilliant thank you!
Like many of Dorico’s little gems, this might be worth including in some documentation that is easier for users to access, I was hunting around for ages finding this. It’s great little features like this that make Dorico so much more of a flexible platform than some other software I could mention… Just need to sort out stuff like writing in chords, figured bass, and individual voices etc. and you’ll have created a great boon for composers out there frustrated with the limitations of their software. :slight_smile:

Yes, we will make sure this gets into the documentation in due course. Glad you’re enjoying Dorico.

In the meantime, check out the popovers PDF available to download from