Adding a title page by using the master page doesn't work correctly

I followed the instructions of this video

from 0.44 , but all that appears is an empty page in the beginning…what could be the reason?


PS when I put in "2"pages than it appears, but as the 2. Page, the first is still empty… how to avoid that? And how funny, when I than delete the first page, the former 3. page becomes the first and the second stays the second and doesn’t become the first…irritating

Can you share the project that you’re having trouble with? There’s all sorts that could be happening but it’s very hard to tell in the abstract.

Couple of quick possibilities though -

  • If you created a new custom master page, did you copy your design from the Left page to the Right or vice versa? if the frames are only on e.g. the left page of the pair, then nothing will appear when that master page is assigned to a right-handed page
  • When you assign master pages to the start of a layout, the project title can disappear from the first page of music - you can change the layout option for when the First master page is used to “Any flow starting at the top of the page” to rectify this, or manually apply the First master page to the where the music starts.

Sorry there are a lot project/private Infos in it . I would more like to share to your address and not publicly …

Sure feel free to email me - you’ve got my email already.

Sent it

For anyone following the discussion - the primary issue of a page appearing empty even with a master page assigned was indeed solved by copying the Left page to the Right in the master page editor.

A reminder for us all to copy those changes L->R or R->L!

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Hi. On Project Info, Project, I added information to Lyricist and it appeared on the first page. Then, I added a subtitle, but this subtitle did not appear. So, I went edited the Page Template, First, adding to it “{@flowSubtitle@}” and then I copied L->R.
However, the subtitle still did not appear. Still on engrave mode, I selected page 1 and tried to use “Insert Page Template Change”, but nothing happened.
I am not sure why it is not working, but I suspect it is because of this read mark over the first page.
What should I do?

The red triangle means you have changed something directly on the page (an override), as opposed to in the Page Template Editor.

Right-click and select “Remove overrides” and the page will return to the default Page Template. NB this will change all overrides to the page including things such as text frame sizes etc

If you have adjust the “First” Page Template to your liking and need no overrides, you shouldn’t need a Page Template Change.

Thanks. I was able to remove the red triangle with the “Remove page override(s)”, although nothing changed on the page.

Then, I tried to use “Insert Page Template Change”. If I choose “Default”, it does change the page, but not for the template “First”. However, if I choose “First”, nothing happens.

Am I doing something wrong?

Page 1 is typically a right-hand page. If you use the L-to-R button at the top to copy your left page to the right, you should be able to see the subtitle when using your (revised) page template.

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Oh I see. I used L->R, but then I closed the program, did other changes, and forgot to do it again.
Thank Derrek.

Coincidentally, I spent a bit of time yesterday making a couple of small but hopefully helpful additions around the topic of “stuff you add in Project Info doesn’t appear on pages unless there’s a token on those pages that refers to the field(s) in which you added info” to the manual and First Steps guide.

I’m heartened to see that after realising your subtitle didn’t appear, you did then go to edit the First page template! That’s exactly correct, excellent work.

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