Adding a two-line staff above a trumpet staff

I’m trying to figure out the best way to add a two-line staff above a trumpet staff. The trumpet has double bells and so I am looking to indicate bell changes above the trumpet line in a separate staff as per the attached excerpt. Any suggestions would be most welcome!
Thank you.

You can add a two-line staff above your trumpet staff by adding a suitable two-line instrument, such as a percussion kit with two instruments set to use the grid presentation type. You might find it helpful to have the instrument held by the same player or given to another player depending on whether you need the trumpet player to also change instruments.

Thank you!! I wish I asked earlier …

One further question, in terms creating lines as per the example above, is there an easy way to create lines that stay on the ‘grid’ lines for each of the two percussion kit instruments? It seems I need to input a note and then hide it ?

Also, how about diagonal lines between the two? Is this best done in the Engrave mode?

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Yes, unfortunately those kinds of lines are hard to create on percussion instruments. You can’t use notehead-attached horizontal lines on percussion grids, but you can use horizontal lines and then edit their positions in Engrave mode.

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Hi Daniel,

I seem to have to have a hidden note on the percussion staff in order for it to be visible. This tends to mess with the lines somewhat. Any further suggestions here?

Thank you

For the staff to be visible? If so, that suggests you’re using the hide empty staves feature. You can set a particular player to be excluded from being hidden on the Vertical Spacing page of Layout Options.

Hide Empty Staves is set to ‘Never’. Perhaps it’s because I’ve got the two line percussion staff held by the trumpeter?

This is the sort of thing I’m trying to do to indicate which bell the trumpeter should be using at any given point.

You can surpress Instrument changes in the layout options, given there are no other players playing simultaneously that need instrument changes in the same layout.

Thank you. That works perfectly for the part, but unfortunately not for the full score (I have other players that need to change instruments) … !

does adding a chord symbol region to the percussion part help? If not, you could also use a slash region, set it to use “small slashes” in the properties panel and in the notehead editor delete the small slash symbol. This should definitely work, given you don’t need small slashes somewhere else.

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Chord symbol region does the trick! Thank you

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