Adding a User Library

Hello…I do not have a folder here :

Users > your user name > Documents > Steinberg> Padshop > Samples > User Samples

to add a Stockhausen library samples…how can I fix this?..any help would be appreciated…thanks !

create it : User/documents/Steinberg/Padshop/Samples & put your sample folders from “Stockhausen” “Droneland” & Granular Worlds" here !

working for me !

ok thanks ! wasn’t sure if that would cause issues by creating the folder…cheers !

Hi Padshop Pro users
Is it possible to replace User Samples folder destination to any other place, e.g. other HDD partition ? I think is not convenient, when all user samples are on system partition. :frowning:
I was trying make shortcut (in user samples folder) for folders with samples on other partition, but Padshop does not see this.
Are any other variants?

Any news regarding custom user sample folder location yet?