Adding a VST/i whilst playing the project is a gamble!

Easy solution = press stop, save project, add vst (or vsti), hope cubase doesnt crash.

Proper solution = steinberg fixes issue allowing any vst to be added at any point in the track while playing without cubase crashing


1 Play project with 1-4 instruments and midi data.
2 Add vst effect to any of the instruments
3 “cubase has stopped working”

(frequency of bug estimated at 1 in 6 times)


Can you write down a list of the VSTi that you have used to test this?
Are any of those VSTi from Steinberg, E.g. HALion 5, HALion Sonic?
What VST effects have you been adding?

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Hey thanks for quick repsonse, i need to do more testing but to be honest i dont think steinberg plugins cause this bug. it has happened with:

voxengo deft compressor vst
jupiter vsti,
waves kramer master tape vst

I will test more and report back



Then, please make sure that you have the latest version installed for those plug-ins and remove them one by one from the project, until you find the one that is causing Cubase to crash.

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