Adding accidental: edit vs input

Just looking for confirmation of this, if possible:

If I want to add or change an accidental on a pre-existing note, I must first deactivate the carat.
(It would seem that this is because the accidental is intended to be applied to the note that will be input at the carat – and the program can’t ‘mind-read’ whether one is referring to a previous note or the one to be input.)

On the other hand, one can change the pitch of an existing note in many ways (alt-up/down, enharmonic change, etc) whether the carat is activated or not.

Am I understanding this correctly?


The note I’ve just entered remains selected, even with the caret active, so you can adjust the note you’ve just entered with Shift Alt Up/Down.

Thanks, benwiggy!

Yes, I realized that the note remains selected, and its pitch can be changed via those other means.

If you habitually prefer to input notes and then add accidentals after, you can change the preference for this.

Thanks, Lillie – that’s good to know.

Great and very useful information. Thanks for this discussion! :handshake: