Adding additional repeat endings what am I doing wrong?

Dorico Pro

I think I am following the step by step instructions for creating an add’l repeat ending as outlined in the manual but I can’t make it happen.

I want to make a 3rd ending. In write mode, I select notes in bars following my second ending and mash the “create additional ending” button in the repeat endings pane and nothing happens. I’ve also tried the same approach using “add” in the popup box, again nothing. I’ve also tried a bunch of other things, some of which have crashed the program.

I gave up and just wrote out the dang music instead of using rpt signs on my project, but here is a lil sample where the same problem applies.

Help, please, this is making me want to cry.
repeated failure.dorico (743.1 KB)

Just select the repeat ending lines and change the No. endings property from 2 to 3. (or click the additional ending, but you must have the existing endings selected first)

Nope because when I do that, the third ending is created in the 2nd bar of my original 2nd ending.

You can adjust the length of the 2nd ending line to cover more bars.

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okay that worked, but why don’t the instructions as given work? It seems crazy that I’d have to do all that fiddling with lines

See this tutorial video.

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oh god, thank you. The vid was perfect.
I must select notes in the 2nd ending, then add an additional ending to them!

Here was the confusing language in the manual:

“Your selection must start from the first bar following the previous repeat ending segment.”

I gotta say, this is a horrible jumble of words, and didn’t lead me to the right set of actions!

It’s possible behaviour in the app has changed since this was written; this topic was already on my list to review, so I’ll bump it up. Thanks for the feedback.

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Also: sometimes it’s necessary to double check which version of the manual you are looking at - especially when Googling etc. The current version is 4.2