Adding and editing pickup bar in existing piece

I have been working on a piece and realized that things could be simplified if I’d included a pickup bar (4/4, 1). The piece already includes (edited) Chord text, accidentals, divisi, etc.
How can I move EVERYTHING leftwards to the pickup bar?

I’ve attached an image of the intro. I need the first note in the pickup bar and EVERYTHING else to be relocated relatively.


Thanks for any help.

I would suggest selecting the initial quarter rest at the start of the first bar, typing Shift+B to open the bars popover, then type -1q and hit Return. This will remove one quarter note’s worth of time from the start of the project. Then select the existing 4/4 time signature, type Shift+M for the meter popover, and type 4/4,1 and hit Return.

An alternative method, if you have Dorico 4, is to

  1. Activate Insert mode
  2. Set it to the Global Adjustment of Current Bar scope
  3. Select the rest(s) at the beginning that you don’t want to be there any more
  4. Press Delete (just the standard Backspace/Delete key)

Dorico removes the selected amount of time from the flow, and converts the first bar into a pick-up.

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Thanks a bundle. That seems to have done the job. I kinda knew what was needed but I was just doing things in the wrong order it seems.