Adding another kind of SUB Folders (for Orchestral composers)


For us orchestral users, using many different sample libraries, it would be very useful to have another kind of folders that we could hide. They could be named “Sub Folders”. I’ve seen this request a couple of times in the forum. Let me explain:

I will have a STRINGS folder, and within this folder, i will have many folders holding my strings libraries. For instance:

Vsl Strings (SUB FOLDER)
Albion library (SUB FOLDER)
Hollywood strings (SUB FOLDER)

Let’s say i want to use only violin 1 & 2 from VSL, Low strings from Albion and Viola from Hollywood Strings. Then i hide the unused or deactivated tracks. BUT, i would still see the SUB FOLDERS. My suggestion, would be that the main STRINGS folder remains, and then the VSTi tracks would appear without their SUB titles. Please see the screenshots attached.

Screenshot named CURRENT is what Cubase does at the moment. FUTURE would be what i suggest.
It would make this type of session so much clearer. When using many different libraries for all types of instruments, having tons of folders and subfolders makes it very confusing. And just having the strings under a STRINGS folder, brass under BRASS, etc… would be much easier for the eyes and workflow.

I know some of you would suggest not having sub folders in the first place, but when your template has more than 2 000 VSTi tracks, it is necessary to classify by brands.

I would love to see such a feature added to Cubase.

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good idea

It’s a good concept to work on…

I’d like the top level folders to have the option of being hidden like this too. Ie where contents show in the list but valuable space isnt taken up by the folders. So a command like Hide-Only ALL Folders
or Hide-only SELECTED Folders or
Hide only All Folders in selected range

This comes in useful when just wanting to browse through the instruments using up down arrows etc. Plus just saves real estate.

They would still show I they visibility panel of course.

In addition to being able to hide folders but SHOW their contents - I have an alternate viewing mode suggestion for how folders could be shown but in a manner where they don’t take up row-space or hider browsing tracks when using arrow keys.

Heres a mockup. The folder names appear on the SIDE - with text rotated vertically.

Oh yeah, that would be sexy!

This would be great!!!


Maybe a dumb question, but if you already have the brand/instrument name in the name of the vsti track, why do you need another subfolder then?
What is the point here?

Just to make things more clear. When you have 2 000+ tracks, you want things organized. Scrolling down all the tracks is painful. Let’s say that on “x” project i’m not needing library “B” but only “A” ,well “B” is kept hidden in its folder. And i won’t have for example 50 visible tracks from this library. So if i go through my STRINGS folder, i won’t have 500 visible tracks, only the ones i want to see in certain folders.