Adding articulation maps

I have downloaded trial version of VSL instruments from Symphonic Riot.

How do I get them into Dorico?

I clicked on import libraries, but everything is greyed out?

Have you checked the instruction/manual it comes with? I have the same product and that’s where I found how to install the articulation maps in Dorico.

I did find it in the manual, but I still cant get them into Dorico, so I must be doing something wrong somewhere


The SR manual says

“yields a folder containing documentation and a folder with the actual presets. To install Articulate Presets, move its contents to your VSL Custom Data Folder. This is where all your custom files (Presets and Matrices) are stored and it is described in the “Directory Manager” Section of the VI pro User Manual”

But there are lots of folders - which are the ones I load into Dorico, presumably using the Import Library command?

The SR Read me file just says:

“If you are a Dorico user simply import the included playback template in Dorico and check out the included instruments:”

None of them are labelled template?

But how, exactly, I tried a view, but they all grey out when selected?

So how do I get the articulations into Dorico?

Hi @Gone_To_Lunch the files with the" .dorico_pt" ending are the playback templates (Playback Template)

You can import them in Dorico in the window that you reach from menu Play (in Play Mode) → Playback Template… and click on the import button.

I tried that, but when I try to assign it to the track, it does not show up - there is just the list of HSO and Iconica?

I believe you’ll only find the Symphonic Riot expression maps and percussion maps to be present after you have applied the playback template to the project.