Adding Audio File when opening Audio track? Filters

Being still new to 6.5.4 version and Cubase in general I have a question.
When I want to add Audio track, I will go to PROJECT > ADD TRACK > AUDIO and then a “window” “add audio track” (using browser) will open with a) location tree, b) filters, and c) results. Note: My filters are sorted as following using ATTRIBUTES option:

  1. Media Type, 2. Category, 3. Character, 4. Style and Finally 5. Sub Style

In a “media type” column I can see following medias:
Patternbank Instrument
TRACK PRESET AUDIO (The only one highlighted) (with 281 presets) (showing up in results as square icon)
Track preset Instrument
Track preset Midi
Track preset Multi

Here is the problem: First and foremost only (as mentioned above) TRACK PRESET AUDIO is highlighted and that is the only media type producing results.
Unfortunately the only results IN “RESULT” column are only and only: TRACK PRESETS (square Icon)

I am so convinced (maybe I am wrong) that previously and before friend of mine played with filters plugging in his guitar, I am convinced that I was able to choose Audio Files too, those that come with wave form triangular Icon.

As I’ve mentioned before this challenge is also obvious in “Media Type” column too, because no other media could be highlighted but the TRACK PRESET Audio.

So the question is: Is it possible to add audio track with audio file that I can just afterwards copy paste to a needed lenght, or the only way to open Audio Files (and add them as a track) is through the Media Bay???

If the later is true, meaning adding audio tracks with audio files through media bay only, If Audio Files are only reachable through Media Bay, then how come I have listed all of those other options (other Media Types) in Media Type column, but (again) only the Track Preset Audio is usable. Why would anyone create menu with 9 options while in reality there is only one option?
Is there any way to add Audio tracks with Audio Files through add audio track window browser, too.

So I am not sure if that was meant to be that way, or I just have something disabled, so no other option can be utilized but the Track Preset Audio?

Thanks so much in advance for your explanations!
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Perhaps you need to activate the features on the left lower corner.
Then you can search within your folderstucture of your harddrive.
Or without Mediabay via Datatab
Or open your windows explorer and drag and drop your file into your cubase project.

Hope i could help

Greetz Bassbase

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You’re the best. I’ll play with it and see if we can pull them through the way you’ve just described.
Still I am going to ask the same question. Is the “media Bay” the only place to add on Audio files as tracks, or I can also add Audio files through project> add audio track and then through browser chose Audio files as media type?

Huge Thank You!


Will keep you posted

I don’t get the problem.

But if you double click on an audio file in the mb
Cubase will create a new track for it and import it.
If you want to place the audio on a certain track and
position you can drag and drop the audio from the mb
into the project.

Same thing for the loop browser and the pool.