Adding audio

I am currently experiencing an issue with Cubasis 1.9 when adding a second audio guitar track, I cannot assign the same app e.g Jamup Pro or Mobile Pod a second time. When I try to add via routing - Inter-app. The apps used on previous tracks are greyed out and cannot be selected. Is this normal?

Are they greying out only during record? What happens after you record the track? Do they become available or is the problem still there after you exit the inter-app?
As far as assigning, after you record the first track, change the name of that track. Then go try a second recording. Your other apps may see a file that already exists with the same name, so it won’t record.

Apps connected via IAA can be assigned once (Apple limitation).

Please check if the following workflow suggestion helps:


Thanks Lars. As I suspected, I will work around by copying to a blank track as suggested.