Adding Automation Lanes

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I need to add automation lanes for 2 CCs, 20 and 21. How would I do this?

Bah, accidently hit return before I was finished. I have created an automation lane but there are only about a dozen standard automations available like, velocity, pitchbend, modulation, expression, etc. I need to be able to send a CC20 or a CC21 to my Virtual Instrument. I have a feeling it’s because I’m using Elements and not Artist or Pro. Is that true?


Joe B

Not sure as I’m not near my computer but in the key editor you can draw in other cc’s for instance I have foot cc4 which I draw in at the bottom of the key editor. There is a drop down list to choose from with a lot more. I only know Cubase pro so you’ll have to check

Ah, nevermind. It needs to be set in the track (upper window), not the event editor (lower window).
Whoops :slight_smile:


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but the real question is, can you add any CC automation lane via a learn function? Then you could just twist the parameter and have the automation lane be created for that parameter… Reaper does it… Wondering if Cubase can.

Edit: actually, the way to do this would be to go into Write mode and move any parameter, I think.


still, is there no way to add a new automation lane in the project window? That would negate the need to go through the Write process.

Not in front of machine now but there is aCC setup page under the project menu whereby you can prioritise which controllers end up on automation lanes (on an instrument track) and which end up on cc lane of edit window.

Can new automation lanes be added in Cubase? So as to -

  1. Not have to use the ‘Write’ process
  2. Not have to replace an existing lane with a different parameter, making the replaced parameter no longer visible.

Sure can. Hover your cursor where indicated below and a plus-sign will appear. Clicking on this will add an additional Lane.


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Fantastic!! I’ll try this

Thank you

Thank you!

I just wish their UX/UI designers wouldn’t make us go on a treasure hunt to find features like this by having to hover over a microscopically small area for the UI element to reveal itself. Affordances in UI design have been a thing for decades.

I use Cubase every day for many hours, and still forget about that little plus sign…

My thought exactly as I was pasting the image above.

So I made this feature request

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Thank you!

Man, 5min in fiddling with trying to find how to manually add an automation lane. About to give up, then I Googled and found this.
Steinberg, this needs to be fixed, just a heads up: DO NOT HIDE A FUNCTION LIKE THIS. I voted for this. Thanks guys!