Adding Automation Lanes

Hi Folks,

I need to add automation lanes for 2 CCs, 20 and 21. How would I do this?

Bah, accidently hit return before I was finished. I have created an automation lane but there are only about a dozen standard automations available like, velocity, pitchbend, modulation, expression, etc. I need to be able to send a CC20 or a CC21 to my Virtual Instrument. I have a feeling it’s because I’m using Elements and not Artist or Pro. Is that true?


Joe B

Not sure as I’m not near my computer but in the key editor you can draw in other cc’s for instance I have foot cc4 which I draw in at the bottom of the key editor. There is a drop down list to choose from with a lot more. I only know Cubase pro so you’ll have to check

Ah, nevermind. It needs to be set in the track (upper window), not the event editor (lower window).
Whoops :slight_smile:


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but the real question is, can you add any CC automation lane via a learn function? Then you could just twist the parameter and have the automation lane be created for that parameter… Reaper does it… Wondering if Cubase can.

Edit: actually, the way to do this would be to go into Write mode and move any parameter, I think.


still, is there no way to add a new automation lane in the project window? That would negate the need to go through the Write process.