Adding bar numbers after having created different music frames

Here is the problem: I erased my bar numbers because I created different music frames, text frames, side chains and main chains and some frames are just for alternative options - so no bar numbers are needed / wished.
Now I’d like to add bar numbers to certain music frames but of course I have created page overrides.
If I want to add bar numbers I have to add a bar number to every single bar now.
It’s not possible to create a bar number at the 1st bar of a certain music frame and then all the other bars are numbered. That would only be possible if I wouldn’t have page overrides I guess.
But I needed the page overrides (see above).
So what now?
I really don’t want to number every single bar.
Any other options?

Do you definitely mean bar numbers? There’s a property to hide individual bar numbers, have you tried using that? See the tip at the bottom of this page:

Hey Lillie,

thanx for the fast answer. Yes I checked that.
Ok, I thought that with page overrides sth is not working with the bar-numbering. But it seems that I’m wrong. My apologies.