Adding Bars when adding System/Frame Breaks

Cues are another thing that can stretch beyond what you consider to be the end of the flow, causing one or more extra bars to reappear the next time you open the project.

I have only one flow.

I use many system breaks, but never on the last measure.

I do use a few FRAME breaks on individual parts. My purpose in those cases is the force Dorico to put a particular set of measures together on the last page of the part (in this example). It seems to me you HAVE to select the final barline for that to work. If I select something earlier, then Dorico may put the last measure on its own page.

Just to be clear, I am using the frame break button in the left panel of the Engrave page. I click on the first object I want on that page and then ctrl-click the final barline, then click the frame break button.

You’re confusing the “Make Into Frame” button with the “Frame Break” button. Even so, you’re actually not suffering from the problem listed elsewhere in this thread, because (as far as I can tell) the “Make Into Frame” button is clever enough not to insert a Frame Break at a final barline.

If you don’t want to have to remember about “make into frame,” put a frame break at the start of the last page, and then set the “wait for next frame break” property in Engrave mode.

Since there isn’t a next frame break, everything after that will be squashed onto one page.

I agree. I do not see a signopost on that added measure. I think there is probably some other operation that is adding that measure

If you want help figuring it out, please provide the project (or a cut-down part of it sufficient to reproduce the problem) and I’ll soon be able to determine what’s going on.

Thank you for the offer. I think it is a case where I need to pay closer attention. It should be possible to identify exactly when the extra measure is added. Because I may have made numerous edits after the extra measure was added, I doubt there would be much to learn by looking at the file after the fact.

This isn’t a crisis. I suspect there is some simple case where a measure is added unexpectedly, and maybe that case can be dealt with, once understood.

I will poke and jab at that project a little to see if I can provoke Dorico into adding the bar again.