Adding beamed groups of notes (Bravura glyphs) to performance text

I am trying to add beamed groups of notes to performance text above the staff lines that explain how the performer should rhythmically approach a timbral tremolo (labeled ‘quasi-tremolo’ in my image example). I am using the Bravura glyphs from the Bravura GitHub links shared in previous posts, through the copy/paste methods mentioned in the same posts. Trouble is, the triplet “3” I’m adding to a grouped of beamed eighth notes has an unwanted space between the “3” and the next copy/paste glyph symbol (a continuation of the beam).

How do I remove this extra space to have a continuous beam across all three eighth notes? (see vertical curser in screen shot) I can’t figure out how to “stack” glyphs.

Also, is there a new/easier way of adding musical notation to text boxes in Dorico 3.5, OR is there another alternative (combining different Engraving features for example) to accomplish the same goal?

For this, you should use Metrico. It’s better suited to more complex tempo marks like this.

Thank you, Dan! It always feels so “magical” when things like this work out.

P.S. There’s a compatibility warning for Metrico on the Mac platform (dated April 2019), but I did not have any issues with it. It may have been resolved without any updated comments. Just an FYI.

Thanks again!