Adding big bang orchestra to library

Hi guys,
I recently downloaded big bang orchestra and I’m not sure how to get it to work?
I located the files in public documents and opened the folder in dorico. I chose player to open it and there are a lot of presets. I spend some times with it but I didn’t know how to get it to work.
Is it possible to seperate the instruments? I just want some good VST to replace the default ones.

@Skywalker95241 this is a very complex subject but I think most people would recommend trying NotePerformer. You can try it for free and there are Expression Maps already set up for Dorico.

For your new library, have you read about Expression and Percussion Maps in Dorico?

You need to explain this much more. What files? What folder? (How do you open a folder in Dorico?) What Player?

Normally, a sample library downloads with its own installer. You install it, and it can then be used in Dorico, or Cubase, Logic, – any other app that can use VST plug-ins.

The first step is to make sure it’s installed, and can be accessed from Dorico’s Play mode as a “VST”.

As Daniel says, configuring libraries can be very complex. You need to see if someone has created a set of Expression Maps, or a Playback Template for your library.

Thanks for the reply!
I figured it’s quite complicated since it opens another program to adjust the sound.
The folder I selected it’s just in the documents where the default vts is stored I believed.
So I guess there’s no simple way to just swap up the default sound?
How about kontakt library stuff?

Give NotePerformer a try:


That looks interesting, thanks for the suggestion!

Sorry one more question.
I downloaded the free instrument on the internet but it’s in dll file format. How do I get it to work? Thanks!

If the plug-in you want to use is in VST 2.x format, you will need to explicitly allow it:

I don’t have that one installed, but if it’s like other VSL stuff I own, it will be accessible using the Synchron Player. Select the Synchron Player, then the sound from the library that you want to use.