Adding bookmarks

Dear Daniel and Dorico Team,

In my daily work composing on the wonderful software you take care to provide for us daily there’s a feature I often wish would exist: bookmarks.

Very often I find the need to jump from place to place in my expanding score. This happens particularly, but not only, in large movements like sonata forms, in which I need to reference earlier sections. So, for example, I’ll be composing the recapitulation and need to reference a specific part of the exposition. In order to facilitate my work I usually create thick barlines and add a boxed text to find those places in the structure quicker, but it would be so much nicer to just create bookmarks, rename them, and just jump to those specific spots.

Perhaps there’s a better way than bookmarks to solve this issue and, if there is one, I trust you can come up with it. Having said that, I realise there must be a huge list of priorities and don’t expect you to just to what I want/need. Thanks for taking the time to read.


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Could comments be a good solution? The only problem is that they are all labeled with your initials, but if you opened the comments panel you could move around the score quickly.

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I honestly hadn’t thought of that. I guess it could work if you didn’t use comments for, well, comments. If you’ve got all sorts of comments for ideas, revisions, excisions, etc. it’s less useful having to sort through all that to find the intended pseudo-bookmark, I guess.


Good point - I suppose you could label your bookmarks in all capital letters, to make them easier to find.

I’ll give that a try and see if it speeds things up. Thanks for the thoughts :pray:t2::relaxed:

Markers may also be a possibility, I just tried putting one in - they are meant mainly for timecode but could still be useful for navigation.


You’re a genius, Stephen! I hadn’t thought of that. It’s the perfect solution for me because I have absolutely no use for markers or timecode, so I’ve just implemented this into my workflow and it’s really useful. Thanks for taking the time to respond and think this through.


Update: I’ve been using Markers as suggested by Stephen for a day but I have found that when the number of bars change, the Markers moves around and no longer points to the same place, probably because it’s tied to a moment in time, as opposed to a moment in the score. So, if anyone has others suggestions I would be happy to hear them (until Dorico offers a native way to do this).

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If you use rehearsal letters then you can use the Jump Bar to jump to any rehearsal letter in a few keystrokes.


This thread led me to play with rehearsal marks a bit and to discover the Dorico manual adds this very useful information: once a rehearsal mark is selected, you can move to the previous or next one using the left and right arrow keys—very fast and easy!

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