Adding boxed lyrics at the end of a flow?


Is it possible to add a flow token to a text box at the end of an individual flow?

I’m adding notes to some short pieces in a project, and it seems useful to set up an automatic system for adding editorial comments (if there are any) at the end of the piece — but not as part of a flow heading if at all possible.

As a test I put a box at the end of a single flow and put the {@flowotherinfo@} token there. It doesn’t populate with the text that I know is there (though it shows text that I type in there in write mode).

Is that because it’s not in the flow header?? I have been able to do this for notes when I put the notes box in the default full score/part layout.

Try using the indexed token, e.g. {@flow2otherinfo@}, where 2 is the number of the flow whose info you want to show.

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Oh OH!! Great tip. I’ll try that and see if it works.

Many thanks, JW

Unfortunately this didn’t work. Hmmmm.

Please attach the project, and we can take a look to figure out why.

Oy. My mistake –
Your solution will definitely not work if there is no text in the “other info” for the selected flow.

Your solution works beautifully when the engraver moves the desired text into the Other Info box!

thanks again — operator error this time.

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