Adding chord notes without resetting articulation(s)?

How do you do it? For example if I have a single notes with all staccatos and some of the notes also marcatos and I want to expand the single note line to the chordal line. I can’t add notes without activating the correct articulations for every added note, it’s tedious to activate those staccatos/marcatos again.

(So for example I want to make the first bar in the picture to look like the second bar.)
I would imagine that if one wants to add more notes to the existing line the default should be to follow the existing articulations if they exists? Can it be done?

With the caret in place, try to activate Lock to duration (hit L, don’t click the tool), then Q (chord mode) to add the extra notes, advancing the caret with the spacebar…

Thanks a lot! It works :slight_smile:

Your originally reported behaviour is a bug, though, tokatila, and we do plan to fix it.