Adding chord symbols and exporting parts in Dorico Elements vs. Dorico Pro

Hi there! I’m trying to decide which version of Dorico to buy—I’ve been using the free trial of Dorico Pro. I’ve seen the charts comparing Pro to Elements, but still have some questions.

  1. The chart says Elements has limited chord symbols compared to Pro. How limited are we talking? Will it still allow me to press shiftQ and input major, minor, augmented, diminished, and/or otherwise altered chord symbols that span all instrument parts?
  2. In Dorico Pro, you can print player-specific parts at the press of a button—ie, in a piece with guitar, piano, and voice, you can press a button and get an arrangement with only the guitar part, so the guitarist doesn’t have to turn pages and pages of piano music. Does Elements have this feature, or is it exclusive to Pro?

Hi @nossghoul, welcome to the forum!

  1. I think the comparison chart is mainly referring to customization of chord symbols, which is much more expansive in Dorico Pro than Dorico Elements. For example, start on this page in the Dorico Pro manual for an overview of the customization options in addition to the default options provided in Engraving Options (details about customizing dialogs are below that page in the list on the left). In Elements, you have access to various preset options but not the editor dialogs.

  2. If you mean separate layouts, yes that functionality is shared across all Dorico versions. Here’s an overview of how layouts interact with players and flows. (Of course, sometimes some editing/page formatting work is required to produce beautiful parts beyond clicking the button to create them!)

Perfect! Those are exactly the answers I was looking for. Thank you very much for the clarifications–much appreciated!

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