Adding controllers/faders to Cubase pro-

Ok , so I was going to post about this on gearspace but I find it Impossible to find out where to start a new topic or how to use it at all - so if my question veers off the topic of cubase a bit then I apologize but hey: you guys are my people and a ton of you are super knowledgable engineers so perhaps someone can help me…

So I recently bought a Cranborne 500R8 and a Nektar panorama p4 ( a controller mapped specifically for deep integration w cubase) and I gotta say, Im a bit dissaointed w/ how janky it is to cycle through channels in a large mix. A lot of this is just needing to get used to it I admit - but what I didn’t expect is there to be a small amount of latency at times when switching/selecting channels.
Something with how th Cpu is processing things (im running a 2018 Mac mini 3.2 GHz 6-Core Intel Core i7 w/16gigs of ram)
now I know my projects are massive and cpu intensive so im not that surprised but I do have a few questions regarding that latency and perhaps some that I can get some recommendations for.

First off you should know that my goal is to create a more “analog”, organic, environment- so as little as I can do without a mouse and keyboard- the better. Im trying to make it a lot more like sitting down at a console. Ive seen products out there like Softube fader and id really love to have more faders but-Im wondering if something like the Mackie controllers or persons would be a better way to go

the panorama is great it has one automated fader but I think id just like an additional dedicated set of faders and im not sure how 2 controllers would work together- I imagine if both had the same channel selected it would either cause a problem, or preferably just both controllers would be able to move that fader.

Any product recommendations would be great but im worried about that latency-

Is there anything I can do to make it better?

Is it attached to my buffer size perhaps?

Additionally - being new to hybrid mixing /routing is there a certain type of mixer you could use that doesn’t color the sound at all to add faders to my inputs? like Pre, preamp? Something that has faders but doesn’t color or degrade the sound or affect the noise floor in any way (assuming you use high end cables) I know i have knobs but im just curious is all.

Also - would adding a cc121 help with getting “off the mouse and keyboard” - the panorama does a lot but I wish it did more