Adding Cue but no way to select cue area

I’m trying to add a cue to an area and even though I selected the region before typing Shift-U and adding the voice cue, nothing is showing.

The draggable posts are not visible, and clicking the signpost does nothing.

I feel like I’m spending more time in the forums than I am completing my music.

You appear not to have set that layout to show cues (Layout options>Players>Cues, and remember to select the correct layout) - it is only showing the signpost.

Why on earth would it ever be like this.

By default, cues are set to show in parts layouts, but not in score layouts. It looks like you have changed this at some point.

This was only happening with this one part. All other parts have cues set to show. I think I would know if I went in and changed it for a single part. There are other glitchy aspects of this particular part so maybe it happened when porting back and forth between iOS and Mac.

Regardless. In what universe would you want to turn off cues visibility for a part? You have to manually add them anyway, so if you don’t want to see them just don’t add them. You can also hide them individually in the preferences panel iirc.

The fact that the instrument name is shown at the beginning of each stave in a part layout rings alarm bells here (because in almost all parts it’s an unnecessary waste of space, and thus is turned off in parts by default). Is it possible that you’ve set your part to use the score’s Layout Options, perchance? If so, that’d explain why cue visibility is turned off in this layout.

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I frequently need “mini” scores - eg a percussion score, a string score, etc - along with the main full score. I turn off cues in these parts.

Like I said, I’m not sure what happened with this: I tried copying the layout settings from the Guitar part to override it but nothing changed.

I just think that this kind of setting doesn’t need to be in 3 different places that can override each other like this.

Sure, but wouldn’t you just use another separate Score layout instead of a Part layout for this?

I still can’t think of a single situation where a Part would need to hide cues: you would just not enter them, or if you wanted to test what it looked like without one, you could temporarily hide it in preferences panel.

If you wanted e.g. a vocal score layout at the same size as your parts, but your score on much larger paper, it’d make perfect sense to reuse the existing part layout options rather than the score layout options.

Cue options really do need to exist in multiple places: in Layout Options for each layout, in the properties panel for hiding individual cues if necessary. The Library Manager is a separate beast altogether, though it’s jolly useful.


You might not need that functionality, but others might?

A multi-instrument percussion part is still a part, but several players could play of it. In this case one wouldn’t need cues.
But maybe the timpanist has another extra part for himself, where some of the cues are needed.

Maybe you want to use cues as „play optionally“. In this case, some part layouts for big Ensembles might not need them, the same instruments in a smaller ensemble might.

Maybe as Leo pointed out, you use part layouts for other purposes: piano reduction scores, where cues in the vocal parts are not needed. But you want the layout of the standard part, because of page size.

There is nothing stopping you treating a part more like a score and vice versa.
YOU might not need it this way, but apparently also you turned it off in this part (or didn’t use a part Lay-out to begin with).
That’s why it’s set as default, but the option to change it makes sense.

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I understand and appreciate that other people might need it to be an option. I just think that there just needs to be something on the signpost or somewhere acknowledging that a cue is hidden due to layout preferences.

Or maybe even more to the point: we should be able to override the default layout preference on an individual basis in preferences panel. Maybe we want no cues in the layout most of the time but we change our mind about one (and only one) later. There’s less recipe for confusion if they are linked somehow.

Not necessarily. Not if I don’t want it to have mostly the same features as the full score eg size, big bar numbers underneath, multi-bar rests…

Do you mean that if you have your Layout Options set to not have cues visible, that you still want to be able to make some cues visible?

If you want some cues hidden then it’s extremely easy to hide multiple cues at once. If you see a signpost for a cue, then you immediately know it is hidden and what with parts showing cues by default, will solve your problem. (Plus, it’s not hard to double-check Layout Options if you think something fishy is going on.)

Both of the things are already possible :slight_smile: there are signposts for hidden cues (you have to make sure signposts are shown) and you can also hide cues individually per layout, while leaving others.

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A longer post = a better post :joy: