Adding curves to MIDI CC automation makes current value updates stop

I’ve discovered in a new 11.0.10 project that as soon as I add a curve to some MIDI CC automation, the current value number that normally updates as the automation plays back jumps to 0 and stops updating from that point until the curve is deleted. Weird!

Also, it would be super nice to see the MIDI CC automation recorded in real time and not just rendered once you stop recording, IMO.


Sorry do I understand you right?

  • Add MIDI Track.
  • Add some MIDI Notes and MIDI CC automation (Step or Ramp?).
  • Hit Playback.
  • While Playback, start to draw a new MIDI CC automation (Step, right? Ahead or Behind the already existing MIDI CCs?).
    => The currently playback MIDI CC jumps to 0 (and ignores already written data) until the Playback Cursor reaches the new MIDI CC curve.

Once you stop playback and start it again, are the original MIDI CCs played back?

Thank you for clarification.

More like this:

  • Create a part, record some MIDI playing along with controller data
  • Open key editor and show lane with MIDI CC data
  • Number in upper left showing current value updates normally when playing back part
  • Stop playback, edit some of the CC data by adding a curve to it
  • Start playback; number no longer updates with correct current value

The MIDI data itself is played back, yes, but the number stays at “0” until the curve is removed from the MIDI CC data. Then, the number starts updating again as the cursor plays along as normal.

The other issue I mentioned is that it would be very handy to see the MIDI CC automation written in the key editor as I’m recording it. It would be really nice visual feedback.