Adding drum tracks to existing project quickly

With a new drumset, I created a template with all the assignments, which I can use for new projects. but I want to replace an older drumset on songs I already have. Is there some way to add or copy the template setup to existing songs, instead of having to add each drum individually on a new track and make the new assignments ?

You can create an empty project from the template itself and then import tracks from that project into your old projects.

Or the other way around - use File>Import>Tracks From Project… to pull the existing Tracks into your new Template.

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After the reply, I went to the doc and import tracks from project. I didn’t really want the data on the drum tracks I imported, so I imported and then deleted that which was recorded on them, So now I had the blank tracks. I put into a folder named Roland VAD, and set that to record and then played the drums to test the record. I then looked and nothing was recorded. I opened the folder and saw that though the folder track had the record monitor button red, none of the tracks within did. I went to the first track, snare to set individually and found that none could be set to record, they stayed grayed out.

I thought maybe I couldn’t record because I had the wrong song activated but that wasn’t it. I tried again and the same result. Maybe it wasn’t understood. I don’t really want the tracks, just the settings of the tracks. so when I look at the inputs of the tracks, kick, snare etc. they all have no input. The bussing of the originals is lost. So there isn’t a way to import bus settings? I’ll redine a new post, since this is a dead end.