Adding dynamics horizontally?


is it possible to add not only vertically but also in a horizontal selection i.e. a dynamic?
If not; are there thoughts to implement that from the Dorico Team?

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you can select a section and create gradual dynamics such as crescendo and decrescendo, and it will have the right length (the length of the selection), if that’s what you’re after?

Hi Herakles!
I guess, its not possible. Even if you select 2 or more unreleated bars in one staff, Dorico creates e.g. a cresc hairpin from the beginning of the first bar selected to the end of the last bar selected.

Would sometimes be much faster when this would be possible. I’m transcribing now music from old Dutch composers (1750+) and there are so many switches that it would be much faster to be able to add them also in a horizontal way.
Certainly since the option is there for articulations: with creative use of shift and/or cmd, you can add articulations very fast both horizontally and vertically over multiple instruments.
Same workflow would be nice with dynamics.

Herakles, could you perhaps post an example of what it is you would like to do?
OT: I’m curious which Dutch music from after 1750 you’re transcribing. I did this a few years ago (plus arranging) with some of Belle van Zuylen’s songs and keyboard works.

Cool! Now doing Hébert Leemans (lived from 1741-1771 - doing his complete oeuvre, symphonies, songs, chamber music,…) for Terra Nova Collective (which tries to reveal all ‘unknown’ composers from that time period).

What I meant is really too easy, but it would save time.

I would also like to have the same method available (or multiple ‘paste’ technique or so) for ‘playing techniques’ and ‘ornaments’ (which is even not possible vertically).

Does selecting the item you want to have multiple times and using alt-click at the appropriate position help you?

Well, only if I have to click it in once… :slight_smile: