Adding effects to individual midi data.

so right now i haven’t found any easy way to add an effect to a piece of midi data. i have a drum sequence i have written via my keyboard in midi. and now i just want to add reverb onto the snare hits without it adding anything onto anything else. there must be an easy way to do this that having to separate each track and then somehow link it to an fx channel. please cubase can you make it easier? also i really want help on doing it as i don’t know how.

Well, you simply need an instrument that allows for different ouputs of different sounds. Not really a Cubase thing.

im using bfd2 can you offer any advice.

Use the MIDI track with the instrument rack instead of instrument tracks. And activate the additional outputs in the VSTi Rack. Then check your bfd2 manual on how to send different sounds to different channels. BFD2 is capable of doing what I wrote. But since I´m not using it myself, I can´t tell you how.