Adding eq and effects to NP

Is there a way to add effects to each individual Noteperformer instrument?


I’d also be interested in this! I’ve noticed that dorico creates multiple tracks in the (dorico) mixer, but the names did not match my instruments

@David_Tee has devised a way to use a separate instance of NP to export each instrument to a separate Dorico mixer channel, and NPPE allows one to assign separate channels to each NPPE instrument; so in theory it is possible with a little extra work.


I wonder if you can automate effects in dorico mixer with midi cc data


Thanks for the post earlier today. I downloaded the files and thought I installed them correctly by dragging the template to my projext window. It said it was installed but am now curious how to import that template into my current project?

Now you need to use Play > Playback Template to apply that newly-installed playback template to your current project.

Yes, I see what the problem was. I initially tried that and nothing happened, at least not for nearly 5 minutes. Lol. Then it switched over. There must be a way to assign just a few parts? I’ll play around with it and give some feedback. Thanks everyone for the hard work that went into this!