Adding existing midi track as a "Take" on Comp track lanes

Guys I have recorded four takes for a comp track. I saved the session and opened it the next morning and noticed that Cubase always adds another lane that’s empty so you can record more takes if need be. I recorded on this lane 5 thinking it would add this to the other 4 takes that I had done the night before. Although this track is in lane five and looks like it’s part of the comp tracks to pull from it’s not behaving like the rest. Is there a way to take a track and add it to one of the lanes so the Comp main track sees this as one of the takes to make up the main composite track?


Lane 5 is Solo, therefore you can hear only lane 5.

Yes, you can drag any MIDI Part to the empty lane to add it.

Be aware the lanes don’t work the same way in the MIDI/Instrument track comparison to the Audio tracks. In the MIDI/Instrument tracks you can layer the lanes. In the Audio track only one lane is audible in the given time.

Hi Martin,
I soloed it because it was playing with the main comp track, unlike the other where the other lanes would make up the comp track.
Ok thanks for the information on the audio vs MIDI/Instrument tracks behavior.

The behavior is different with lane 5 since I made this recording on a different day and not consecutively with the other lanes. It’s allowing me to have the main comp track active (so lanes 1 through 4 contribute to the content of the main comp track) while lane 5 is active. So when I click on lane 5 contents to add it or a portion of it to the main comp track it highlights and becomes active with the main comp track. So I’m hearing both the main comp track contents AND lane 5. This doesn’t happen with any of the other lanes. This stuff is frustrating to not understand what’s happening and the time is wasting is driving me nuts. It’s not letting me choose a section or portion of lane 5

As Martin said, lanes in MIDI and Instrument tracks all play by default. You can stack multiple MIDI parts in separate lanes and have them all play on the same MIDI track. This is intended.
To comp on a MIDI track, you would have to cut up your recording/take into several events and mute the events you want to be silent.
The lanes 1-4 all have multiple events on each lane. On lane 5, there is only one large event. If you want only a portion of lane 5 to be played, split the event and mute the ones accordingly.

Thanks mlindeb but I didn’t do any of that for takes 1-4. They didn’t all play. I’m confused. Only the main track played. Right now the main track and lane 5 are playing.


What so you mean by the “main track”, what is it? The “main track” (the one which is above all lanes) is the result of all the lanes. So if only the 5ths line is active, only the 5th lane would play back.

yes the “main” track as meaning the track above the rest. Yes. So by “active” you mean the one that is highlighted correct?
I’ve deleted all the takes and will try again then. I’ll pay attention to how things are working. I guess I should also try doing the same in audio to get a feel for the difference in behavior compared to MIDI.

Thanks Martin.
I’ll give things another try.