Adding external instrument in Cubase Pro question

Hi !

I own Cubase 10.5 Artist.
I have purchased external hardware synth and connected it to Cubase.
I have seen one video at Youtube, how to use and record signal from external synth.
Then i have seen that Cubase Pro version has option to “add external instrument” and use it just like
VST instruments option.
I’d like to ask, if i can use it like VST instrument, can i also “Export audio” data for that channel, just like
with software synths ?
I’m asking , cause i’m interested for upgrade to Pro version, but just if i’ll see some nice benefits on doing that.

Thanks for any kind of information.

You have to do a realtime export, and of course the external instrument needs to have an audio connection into Cubase.

Thanks ! So, it’s possible ?
Yea, i know how to add audio connection into Cubase for external instrument.
Just i can’t export realtime audio then , need to record it normal way.