adding extra beats into an unmetered piece

I’m new to the program, and can’t figure out how to add extra beats into the middle of an unmetered piece. When I try to add extra beats with the insert function, it throws off all the succeeding tick barlines, as well as other things like dynamics, crescendos, and breath marks. In another thread someone suggested adding an extra measure without the insert function on, but I can’t seem to be able to do that since it’s unmetered. Is there any way to do this without using the insert function and having to reformat everything whenever I need to add a beat?

Welcome to the forum, brende. You can do this using the Shift+B popover, even without engaging Insert mode. Select the point at which you want to insert time, and type Shift+B, then type e.g. +2q to add two quarters’ worth of time at that point. Everything, including future time signatures, special barlines, etc. will be shunted along.

Ahh, great! Thanks for the help!!