Adding extra horizontal spacing to an edited music symbol

Hi everyone! For a score with non-standard notation I have changed my 32nd rests to a caesura symbol with the music symbol editor (this way I can use the caesura symbol without it appearing on all staves). However I would like to have some extra horizontal musical spacing before and after the symbol every time it appears.

Moving the X offset has no effect, and I’ve also tried adding text spaces before and after without any success.

Any recommendation?

How about creating a custom playing technique for this instead?

Thank you @Lillie_Harris. I thought about this option, but almost the whole score is made up of alternating 32nd notes and this caesuras, and there are lots of them. When it comes to input the notes I find this way much faster. Besides that I have the option to play it as a pause which is also useful.

In that case, you can try using the Note Spacing tool in Engrave mode to adjust graphical horizontal spacing around the caesura-rest.

Thank you, Lillie! I finally found that any very small symbol (scale 1%) after an attached space can also be added without being seen in the score, and it increases automatically my horizontal spaces without having to adjust the manual spacing every time it happens. If it helps anyone else…