Adding fermata fails

Does anyone know why adding a fermata here fails? (Dorico 5.1.21 on Mac)

The program responds as if the fermata has been added (deselects the selected note, brings up the fermata preferences) but no fermata appears, and if you click away and then click back on the note, there is no sign anything ever happened.

Possibly because “pause” isn’t a recognized word for the Popover.

Try “fermata” instead. You can use “fer”.

There’s a full list of commands that the popovers understand on the Dorico Help landing page.

If it’s hold and pause popover entries you’re after, see here:

Pause is a recognised word. It works on every other note. It’s the standard word for a fermata in British English.

Typing fermata has the same effect, i.e. nothing

Typing fermata here:

Typing pause elsewhere:

Notice the change in the properties panel.

I guess it’s the presence of the comma at the same location that is not allowed.


Ahhh you are right! Remove the comma and the pause mark appears.

That’s weird. Isn’t a pause followed by a short break quite normal?

Yes, it’s a curious limitation. Just nudge the comma to a different grid location.

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Unfortunately breath marks and fermatas are all types of ‘pauses’ in Dorico, so one will overwrite another at the same beat position.

For what it’s worth, I recently reviewed how this is explained in the manual, so improved coverage of this corner will be available soon.

Thanks everyone!

In fact, in this case, no overwriting happens. The comma prevents the pause from being added (kind of; it still shows it ephemerally in the properties panel until you click away).