Adding files to media tab in right zone

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I am working on a big project in which I will want to use the same themes several times. I want an easy way to access midi files that contain these basic musical memes, and occasionally audio files too. I though that adding them all to a dropbox folder and then adding that folder to favourites in the media browser would be a good way to keep them all handy, however I see the folder but it appears empty! Any way I can solve this? Have I misunderstood the media browser? Is there another way to allways have a group of files readily available and easily systemized in Cubase? Thanks, and best wishes - Solveig

I am no expert but have you scanned the folder?

Wow, that worked! Big thanks!

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@mondrul - Just out of curiosity how did you add an online folder like dropbox to the media tab?

Some background info: MediaBay and Media Rack behave differently when adding Favorites: The Media Rack is meant to provide a simplified interface and automatically triggers scanning of folders added to Favorites, while the MediaBay only adds the folders, and lets the user choose the scan-state of the folder or its sub-folders. So it is possible to selectively add content under one Favorite.


I have dropbox synced to my computers, so i was able to add the folder just like any other desktop folder through the media rack file explorer.

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Aha! Thank you.

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