Adding Folder Presets (feature request)

I’d like to see a feature that would allow you to save a folder as a preset and then recall that folder when adding a folder to a project. I’ll give you the current scenario.

My vocal chain has a Stereo Group channel with about 6 different Send FX that work on so many of my tracks. I’ve obviously set up a template for new projects but I have a bunch of old projects that I’d like to import this vocal chain into. I can import the entire folder in from another project but it would be cool if there was a “preset” area when adding a folder that would import all of this data.

So it would basically be another option
Add Folder with Preset or Add Saved Folder
Then give you a list of Presets or “Saved Folders”.

The current work flow isn’t that inconvenient and the addition of “import from another project” helps a lot! But at the same time, I don’t see adding a “Saved Folder” option / preset would be too much work on a development level.

This could be used for so many things. A set up synths, a set of send FX, a set of even vocal tracks. For example, say you have multiple mono vocal tracks and each one has something like a default compressor, default EQ, or default auto-tune and your work flow calls for 6 of these. Rather creating one and then duplicating them, you can just import an entire folder.

Likewise, you can save preset with a drum kit. I do all my drums with the sampler and I prefer all of my drum elements on separate tracks then routed to a stereo bus. This entire folder could be saved as a “folder preset” and imported into a new track, giving you a starting point then all you have to do is tweek or replace samples for a new project, or bring it into an old project while bypassing the need to create templates or importing from another project.

Just a thought. I have a lot of tracks I did in 2015-2018 that got put on the back burner. As new technology came out, I revisited those tracks and found ways to make them work where before I would abandon them because the vocals weren’t sitting right or didn’t have the same feel I was trying to get. Or some tracks that I scrapped because I wasn’t happy with the drums but then came across new ways to program drums that spice things up to where I’m happy.

I am about to release a track I wrote in 2016 that just sat there after I tried to record the vocals about 100 times. All they needed was a little bit of LittleAltarBoy panned to each side and set to different detuning and suddenly it popped the way I was hearing it but never could get it done back then.

Cheers. And thank you for the consideration.

On that note, I think another great feature would be to add something like a group channel for FX chains but work individually on whatever is routed into it. So take the 6 mono vocal tracks in the example above. Each one of those has a default low cut EQ. For this special type of group channel, the plugins would effect each mono channel separately rather than effecting the entire signal. So let’s say you’re doing doubles or tripling your vocals and you have auto tune on each channel because you have to effect the mono channel independently. If you want to adjust the auto tune, you currently have to adjust it on each track. Or say you want to adjust the low cut, likewise you have to do it on each track. But with this “special group channel”, it would create an instance of whatever plugin is in the group channel for each track connected to it but there would be one place to adjust the plugin or EQ for each mono channel. So rather than having to adjust it on all of your mono tracks, you can adjust it in one place and it would effect each channel independently.

Does that make sense? Cheers.

I am not exactly sure what you want to do here, but to me it sounds like it could be solved with QuickLink. Select all your vocal tracks, hit Q-Link (or better, assign a key command to it), then insert your plugin to the first channel. Now everything you set in the plugin gets replicated to all selectet channels. Same with the low cut.
QuickLink is easily the best feature in Cubase.

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Thanks Fese! I didn’t know about the Quick Link feature! I will look it up right now. Cheers!