adding footnotes on a single page

is it somehow possible to add a footnote on a single, selected page in this area?

Or do i have to use a workaround, add normal text and slur it down in engrave mode?

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You can add a text frame to the individual page, or you can prepare a custom master page and switch to that as needed.

Hey Leo,
in the area which I marked, it is not possible to add a text frame - it is a the bottom of the page. That’s why I launched this topic.
I can change the margins so I could add a text frame there, but it would change the margins of all pages.
I just wondered if there is sth like a ‘footnote’ function.

Thanx anyway,

At present, there’s no way to add any items outside of the page margins. If you wanted, you could set margins to a smaller value, and adjust your frames in the master pages accordingly.