Adding Formant/Vocal filters


There is a very nice formant filter in Arturia´s Mini V, I would love to see the addition
of Formant or Vocal filters on Halion 6. If it´s possible, I´d prefer to see that in any
zone type, so it could be added to any zone individually.
Also, it could be an insert effect, this way it would be available on any Halion 6 bus.
Imagine it one samples or wavetables…
It would also be a great addition to any of Steinberg´s plugins.

(BTW: Going one step further… I am great fan of Emulator X, which manages transforming
between two filter types (they called it Morphing).

Do you like the idea, folks?

Yea formant filter like on melodyne or the other voice modelling and pitch correcting plugin would be realy great.

On sounds with breath like sax ect.
You can make modulatipn realy great thx!