Adding FX (room/speaker EQ/adjustment) to just audio out

Newby for Cubase having come across from SONAR with the recent announcements by Gibson. Quickly getting used Cubase and finding it great so far - some areas not as easy to use/as good a workflow as SONAR, but some seem great (and probably better, once I have had time to play with them, especially around MIDI processing). Anyway, to the question…

I would love to have a setup where the output to my speakers (through an M-Audio M-Track 2x2M) has the Room EQ always applied, but the default export as audio to always NOT have this on (for obvious reasons).

It would even better if I could have a number of configurations for EQ on the audio output for when I am using headphones (using Waves NX) or speakers (using MathAudio Room EQ).

Is there any easy way to achieve this using busses or similar? or is this down to having the FX in the Audio Out and just having to remember to switch the relevant ones on/of?

Thanks in advance

You need to use the Control Room for this, best to look at the manual for a full explanation… It’s a feature which you can turn on (in Pro version only) to give you separate output buses for the various speakers/headphones that you might have in your studio. You can add your RoomEQ to the CR buses then, and these are separate to (i.e. after) the Main Mix bus from where you’d export your audio.