Adding FX track ending up at the left of lower zone mixer

In several projects in 9 Pro now, after adding a few fx tracks that all end up to the right in the lower zone mixer (just before the master channel), suddenly any more fx tracks that I add end up at the far left of the lower zone mixer.

In the track view, these left aligned fx tracks occur last, so should pop up to the right in the mixer, I think.

No amount of syncing track view to mixer view moves these fx tracks. The only thing I can do to move them is to make them appear all the way to the right in the lower zone mixer. But I would like to have them displayed after the other fx tracks, just before the master channel.

Am I doing something wrong? Is this a bug in 9 Pro?


Am I the only one with this problem?


I did try to reproduce without success.
If you want to upload a cpr that exhibits the problem I could see if it does it here.

Can you post what o/s you’re on and confirm that you’re running 9.01 update?

Hi Grim,

Thanks for helping me out here. Yes, I am on Pro 9.01 and Win 10 64 bit. I have uploaded screengrabs of the Track list and the Lower zone mixer for a project. Although the track Synth fx 2 was created last, it is numbered as track 1 and appears to the far left of the mixer.

Here is the cpr file for that project:

This thing has happened in several projects now, always after I have been working on them for a while, saving several consecutive versions. The first track to be actually created is Drums OH.


Getting file not found when trying to download the cpr.

Right click on the link, then Save link as. It doesn’t work if you just click on it, don’t ask me why… :confused:


Nope…right click looks like it’s working at first but the download say Failed - No File.

I right-clicked and downloaded, which worked, but it won’t open, says Invalid Project File. I guess the download is corrupt. Size is 440 bytes.


Above is the file as a zip archive. For some reason this works, but not the straight file.

Thanks for your patience, guys.


I had a quick fiddle around and would say that there is a bug here… Here’s a repro and a couple of workarounds to fix the problem.

If a few people could confirm this then we can raise this to Steinberg!!

  1. Open a new empty project
  2. Divide the project horizontally by clicking the Divide Track List button
  3. Place a Marker track in the top view
  4. Create an empty audio track in the lower view, called e.g. Empty
  5. Select the Marker track in the top view (so it’s highlighted)
  6. Using any mixer, select the ‘Empty’ Audio track
  7. Add an FX channel to the Audio Track - Right click in the mixer and select Add FX Channel To ‘Empty’…
  8. The FX track is created but it is on the left hand side of the mixer - CONFIRM THIS ??

The track sticks to the left of the mixer because 1/2 of Cubase thinks that it is in the top divide but the other 1/2, e.g. the Project view, thinks it in the bottom divide.

Workaround #1 - Select a track in the bottom divide before adding the FX track via the mixer.

Workaround #2 - To unstick the track from the left in the mixer - Drag the FX channel in the Project Window out of the FX Channels folder and it will pop into the top divide, ignoring where you drop it. Then you can drag it back down to the lower divide again and it will then be in the expected place on the mixer.


Thanks, Mike. Good to know that I am not alone with this one.


Ahh yes…some oddity with the divide track list is exactly what’s going on.

Just toggling the divide makes the track jump in the mixer although it is clearly the last track in the track list regardless of the division.

Thanks Grim, for following up on this. It was kind of driving me… no, but irritating, it sure was.